Boogie Beasts
Boogie Beasts (2019)


Welcome to the Boogie Beasts skydive meet-up! If this is your first boogie, don’t worry: a boogie simply is a skydiving party and we’re here to have fun. Let your inner animal come out and take the plunge! The game has four rounds, also known as jumpruns. In each jumprun you will receive cards that will allow you to plan your jump. You can jump alone or in formations. But be careful! Your jump only lasts one minute, and each formation requires a set number of jumpers! Only successful jumps and formations will score you points with the jury. Boogie Beasts is a card game under time pressure, where bluffing and lying is expressly allowed. Teaming up with other jumpers increases your potential score, but also risks failing the jump all together. Get the best combined score out of the four jumpruns, and you'll be the Boogie Beasts champion! —description from the publisher

Hand Management
Card Game
Card Drafting
Dice Rolling
Party Game
3 - 8
Jolly Dutch Productions
Alexander Kneepkens
20 - 30