Boom Box Game
Boom Box Game (2018)


Become the mix master of this 80's and 90's jam. All players create their own compilation of songs for their unique life scenarios. Each player contributes the perfect song for each scenario. Earn scoring tokens if your song is selected. The player with the most scoring tokens after 4 rounds wins. Setup: Shuffle all of the cassette cards and place them in a pile face down. Put the scoring tokens within reach of all players. Each player draws a hand of four cards. Do not show them to other players. The game is played in a series of turns. The person who most recently listened to the radio goes first. On Your Turn: Choose a scenario (written in the pink part of each card) from your hand and read it out loud. Then place it in the middle of the group for all to see. All other players select a song (written in the black part of each card) from their hand that they think best suits you and the scenario and passes it to you face down. Once you've received a song from each player, mix them up and read each song out loud to the group. Choose the song that you think is the best match for that scenario. The player who passed you that song gets a scoring token. Keep the song and the scenario you chose face up in front of you to show your play list. Discard the other cards passed to you. All players draw a card to bring their hand up to 4 cards and play passes to the player to the left to begin their turn. Ending The Game: The game takes place over four rounds. When the fourth round ends players count their points. The player with the most points wins and is awarded the title "Mix Master". Remix Challenge: Only players tied for first place compete in the remix challenge. All other players will choose one song and read it out loud to the tied players. The tied players then submit a scenario from their hand that best fits this song. The judging players then mix up the submitted cards and choose the scenario that best fits their chosen song. The player whose scenario was selected wins the Remix Challenge and the game. Your Playlist: All players will have a unique playlist at the end of the game that they can listen to on their favorite music service.

Card Game
Party Game
3 - 6
Buffalo Games
Forrest-Pruzan Creative
Prospero Hall