Bossin' Space
Bossin' Space (2019)


Bossin‘ Space is a cooperative game for one to four players. You will travel across the universe into the unknown and fight aliens along the way. You are explorers who found themselves under heavy fire. Your vessel is not military class, but isn‘t toothless. Upgrade your ship, outsmart the enemy and stay alive. Every round starts with all the players contributing one card at the same time. These cards are used to pilot and control your spaceship (the whole team commands one ship together). You always know what dangers awaits you from the enemies and bosses on the board, but you never know what cards others are playing. Get XP points from defeating enemies and upgrade your ship the way you want. Invest in better guns, equipment or protection. You will need it to survive in the chaos of the battle and to defeat all the enemies and bosses. Your goal may differ from game to game. One time you are fighting a big dangerous boss, then escaping through the asteroid field or protecting disabled friendly ships. —description from the publisher

Simultaneous Action Selection
Science Fiction
Grid Movement
Space Exploration
Video Game Theme
Cooperative Game
Action Queue
1 - 4
Time Slug Studio
Jindřich Pavlásek
Petr Vojtěch
40 - 90