Bossbattle Bunnies
Bossbattle Bunnies (2019)


Bossbattle Bunnies is a short, fun card game for 3-6 players. In this game you embark on a 10-20 minute bunny-themed dungeon crawl with your friends. You'll find loot, get cursed, fight monsters, and most importantly, test your friendships. It's easy to learn the game as you go along, so grab a beer (or a lemonade) and go adventuring! As if a pocket-size dungeon crawl wasn't awesome enough already, this game doubles as regular playing cards. That means you can use it for Poker, Solitaire, Go fish and all the other classics. Talk about value-for-money! You can even take it to the bar, do some tricks and sweep someone off their feet. Just be sure to send me an invite to the wedding if you do! Bossbattle Bunnies originally had my own artstyle for consistency, but then I figured it would be way cooler to have many different artists (18 in total) contribute to this project in their own style. This resulted in 54 unique illustrations that together turn this 2-in-1 deck of cards into a portable museum! —description from the designer

Card Game
Role Playing
Cooperative Game
Team-Based Game
Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
3 - 6
5 - 30