Bloqueo (2019)


In Bloqueo, a turn always consists of three steps: Move a game figure at least two spaces, Place one of your octagons, and Put two blocking pieces on this octagon. Turn after turn, more and more spaces are occupied with octagonal pieces. In the best case, you connect these spaces into groups – provided that the spaces are orthogonally adjacent. If you even manage to have a high tower as part of a large group, you can definitely score many points. These towers may grow up to four levels; at the scoring, they serve as a multiplier. The color of the octagon on top determines who scores for this tower. It can be difficult at times to decide which game figure to move, which of your octagons to protect, and which tower to conquer, but these decisions make the game interesting and demanding. —description from the publisher

Grid Movement
Abstract Strategy
Clemens Gerhards
Timo Diegel
20 - 30