Bonelli Kids: Il Gioco di Carte Martin vs Zagor
Bonelli Kids: Il Gioco di Carte Martin vs Zagor (2019)


The Bonelli Kids are the deformed version of the most famous characters from the Sergio Bonelli Editore. In this card game two of the most famous characters of Bonelli, Martin Mystere and Zagor, will clash using bananas skins, toys and pedal machines. Bonelli Kids is a 2 player game that will finally put in game the passion of the fans of comics and share it with friends and even younger generations. In this first box Martin Mystere and Zagor will collide with their custom decks for the conquest of the most important books of their collections, illustrated by the famous cartoonist Luca bertelè and colored by Manuela Nerolini. In Bonelli Kids players will fight to win the famous comics of the two characters. Each round they will have to manage a hand of cards and try to get a strength value higher than the opponent's to win the comic they are fighting for. The two characters' decks are unique and this allows many combinations during each single game. Also, every comic you fight could change the normal rules of the game. Are you ready to win more comics than your opponents?

Hand Management
Card Drafting
Comic Book \/ Strip
Children's Game
Pendragon Game Studio
Luca Bellini
Luca Borsa
15 - 25