Bomb Brigade
Bomb Brigade (2019)


Bomb Brigade is a tense, high-stakes game of chance where players must rely on their quick reflexes and courage to survive. There is really only one rule: don’t blow up. SETUP: Connect all the Blinks together and long press one, sending them all into setup mode. In setup mode, Blinks display a slowly shifting rainbow. Arrange the Blinks into a starting arrangement, then double-click a Blink to turn it into a Bomb. All neighboring Blinks will automatically become Shields. Starting arrangements can be simple, as shown above, but can also be larger or more complicated and include multiple bombs. GAMEPLAY: Players take turns ‘sparking’ the Bomb by pressing it once. With every spark, there is an increasing chance that the Bomb will explode. In addition, each time the Bomb is sparked the spinning gets faster and faster. Sparking the Bomb If you can time it correctly, you should try to only spark the Bomb when its light is facing a shield. If the bomb explodes into a Shield, that Shield takes damage. Bomb explodes, damaging Shield Damage is indicated by a Shield changing color from green to yellow to orange to red. A Shield that takes 4 damage is destroyed, and displays a flashing rainbow pattern. Destroyed Shields should be removed from the board. If the Bomb explodes on a side with no Shield, the player who sparked the Bomb ‘blows up’ and is out of the game. Double-click the exploded Bomb to reset it. Bomb explodes on an empty side WIN CONDITION: The last player remaining after all others have been blown up is the winner. This game is played with Blinks, the world's first smart tabletop game system. —description from the publisher

Party Game
Push Your Luck
1 - 10
Jonathan Bobrow