Blücher: Sunset of the Ghazis
Blücher: Sunset of the Ghazis (2016)


The Ottomans were the “eternal empire” that sprawled across three continents, a vast, multi-ethnic polity with a huge army. By the time of Napoleon they had been driven from the northern Balkans and most of North Africa, but they were still a major player in Eurasian affairs and a force that had to be reckoned with. Ottoman soldiers were tough and stubborn, and the Sultan’s vast armies included huge contingents of light cavalry. Sunset of the Ghazis is a set of 76 unit cards, providing all of the Ottoman unit cards for Blücher. This set contains all of the units and officers that you need to create an Ottoman army for Blücher or for a Scharnhorst campaign. —description from the publisher

Expansion for Base-game
Scenario \/ Mission \/ Campaign Game
2 - 4
Sam Mustafa Publishing LLC
Sam A. Mustafa
120 - 180