Bombastic Dice ThrowDown
Bombastic Dice ThrowDown (2020)


2-4 Competitive Warfare themed Dice Game Involving a Hot Potato Bomb mechanic! Goal of the Game is to defeat the other player, with the added threat of a bomb that needs to be passed back and forth like a hot potato to avoid getting hurt by it. Through several special abilities, players must attack the other players and have the choice to invest in several different abilities, both defensive and offensive, that aid them in the mission. Gameplay is primarily turn based dice rolling utilizing paper and pencil mechanisms. Players roll for ability points and damages, then the player who deals highest damage per turn decides where to pass the bomb to. The bomb explodes every 5 rounds, taking away one health of the player who has it in its corner. With each player having 5 Healths max, each one with 5 health points, the game is designed for replayability and being a quick fun time. —description from the designer

Dice Rolling
Action \/ Dexterity
Action Points
King of the Hill
2 - 4
20 - 40