BlueGetaway: Longing for Summer
BlueGetaway: Longing for Summer (2020)


BlueGetaway is about a group of friends enjoying their summer vacation on a paradise Island. Lots of cool summer activities await them. As the island is a surfer paradise, surfing is the thing all of them want to do the most. In the beginning however, this is not so easy! First you have to visit the local surf shop and get yourself a great surfboard. Now the surfing fun can begin. The players try to qualify for surf contests which take place from time to time. The contest is then be held between the players who qualified for it. Special contest cards are used for this. Trying to win a contest is action-packed and thrilling for everyone involved. The player who won the most contests at the end of the game is the winner. But beware! Sometimes there are riptides or even a shark appears in the clear blue waters. Then you have to leave the water again. But you can prepare yourself. Put a lifeguard station on your beach so that dangerous ripcurrents can not harm you any more. Or engage with the local fishermen to catch the shark out of your waters. There are many more special effects that may happen. Some jellyfish might help you, or you can take some extra surfing training. But beware of the tropical thunderstorms which sometimes hit this paradise island! There is a lot to experience during your summer vacation - maybe even a summer romance might happen to you if you are lucky! Enjoy the summer with BlueGetaway! BlueGetaway is a picture based card game and is not related to any specific language. It is suited for families and parties as well. —description from the designer

Card Game
Modular Board
Collectible Components
Betting and Bluffing
Action Retrieval
Lose a Turn
Once-Per-Game Abilities
2 - 5
FireAnd4Get Studio
Jay Schlenker
Philipp Korhon
20 - 40