Boom! Roasted
Boom! Roasted (2020)


A party game where you roast your friends. BOOM! Roasted begins with each player drawing 7 cards from the top of the deck in the “Roasts” pile. The youngest player in the group assumes the role of the Honoree and gets the first verbal beating—take your medicine and shut up about it! The remaining players serve as the Roasters for the round, while the Honoree draws a “Setups” card and reads the set-up aloud beginning with their own name, and ending with “Roast Me.” Each Roaster then chooses the “Roasts” card that best corresponds with the setup and hands it face-down to the Honoree, who then shuffles the responses. After shuffling, the Honoree inserts their first name while re-reading aloud the “Setups” card in conjunction with each of the “Roasts” cards, and chooses the funniest or most clever combination. The Roaster responsible for the best burn must point their finger at the Honoree and say, “Boom! Roasted” and is awarded the Setups card, which counts as one point. Twofers: On “Setups” card scenarios requiring two answers, place the “Roasts” card for your first answer on the bottom with the second answer on top so that it may be read by the Honoree in the order you intended. Roasters will replace any card(s) used during the previous round; the Honoree from the previous round is now free to roast the shit out of the next person. The person to the Honoree’s left is the next in-line to be trashed by their friends. The Roaster with the most “Setups” cards/points at the end of the game wins the coveted title of Roastmaster or Roastmistress. This game is intended for entertainment purposes only. BOOM! Roasted is not responsible for any depression, lack of self-worth, wallowing pity, OR any therapist expenses incurred as a result of playing this game. If you don’t know what a word in our instructions or deck of cards means, you must be the type of person who doesn’t know how to Google things. Note: If you’re already an asshole before playing this game, our material is not intended to serve as a form of realistic hazing or degradation. In other words, don’t be a bullying dickhead to people in real life. —description from the designer

Party Game
4 - 10
30 - 90