Boss Monster: Paper & Pixels
Boss Monster: Paper & Pixels (2015)

3.0 / 5

A set of 14 cards designed for the digital port of Boss Monster, and offered as a physical bonus. Comprised of: Epic Hero - The Princess Boss - Greg Boss - Explodo Boss - Chase and two apiece of: Spell - Fireball Trap Room - Elder Portal Trap Room - The Clock Tower Monster Room - Hydra's Mire Monster Room - Spellslime Incubator Some of these cards require the use of dice or tokens as they are designed to take advantage of the virtual nature of digital Boss Monster.

Hand Management
Card Game
Variable Player Powers
Player Elimination
Take That
Video Game Theme
Expansion for Base-game
2 - 4
Brotherwise Games
Johnny O'Neal
Chris O'Neal
Christopher O'Neal
20 - 30