Borderlands Expansion Set #2
Borderlands Expansion Set #2 (1983)


The second expansion for Eon's popular Borderlands game. Contents: Tokens for a sixth player 2 Temples 6 Universities 8 Blimps 20 Followers of the Sisterhood 20 Followers of the Brotherhood 40 Books of Knowledge. By forgoing production for one round you may build a Temple, which allows you to generate Followers. You may use Followers to "convert" enemy territories, boats, ships, and blimps. By forgoing one attack you may build a University which allows you to gain Books of Knowledge. Books defend against a Follower "conversion". Expensive (1 gold, 1 Iron, 1 Coal, 2 Books) Blimps are mobile territories, like ships and boats, and can fly and ship anywhere on the map. Expands: Borderlands

Expansion for Base-game
2 - 6
Bill Eberle
Jack Kittredge
Peter Olotka