Bora Bora: Orange God Tiles
Bora Bora: Orange God Tiles (2013)

3.4 / 5

Content: 15 Orange God tiles (expansion can only be played with original Bora Bora game from Ravensburger) Place the Orange God tiles in the general supply next to the game board. At the beginning of phase A, if a player rolls two of the same number he receives one Orange God tile from the general supply. If he rolls three of the same number (i.e. the same number on all three dice), he receives two Orange God tiles. If a player rolls two or more of the same number but there are no Orange God tiles left in the general supply, he doesn't receive anything. Whenever a player places a die on an action card, he can use the Orange God tiles to turn his die 1 number up or down. The tiles then go back into the general supply. Note: the die number must be changed before the die is placed onto an action card. One die number can be changed per Orange God tile used. Also note, a die showing the number 1 cannot be turned down to a 6, and a die showing the number 6 cannot be turned up to a 1.

Dice Rolling
Simultaneous Action Selection
Tile Placement
Expansion for Base-game
Area Majority \/ Influence
Worker Placement with Dice Workers
2 - 4
Stefan Feld
Alexander Jung