Bottom of the 9th: Blüdle the Noodle
Bottom of the 9th: Blüdle the Noodle (2015)


Blüdle the Noodle is a mascot promo card for Bottom of the 9th and was given out to all attendees of Unpub 5. Blüdle is the first official promo of the game, and therefore is numbered #1P to signify the first card, and the first promo. He has a game altering ability to benefit both sides of the field. He will allow pitchers 1 free roll per at bat, and batters one free adjustment of their pitch tokens. Use Blüdle carefully though, too much interference of the game can get him ejected!

Dice Rolling
Simultaneous Action Selection
Variable Player Powers
Expansion for Base-game
Push Your Luck
1 - 2
Dice Hate Me Studio
Darrell Louder
Mike Mullins
5 - 15