Bootleggers: Thug Promo
Bootleggers: Thug Promo (2013)


This 8-card mini expansion for Bootleggers was originally released in 2013 in connection with the Mayday Games re-release of the game. It is a set of Thugs to be added to the game, and consists of the following cards: Honorary Mayor - Collect all the graft normally paid to the bank this turn. Potent Mash - Roll an extra die of production at a single still. May affect Copper's placement of enforcement. Payroll Tax - Force a player to pay $1G per influence marker he controls. County Line - Play on a loaded truck. Crates fall off the truck during a chase. Discard half the loaded crates (rounded up) from the truck. Army Buddy - Play when an opponent plays an influence card. Receive the same influence. You Got the Wrong Guy, See - Redirect the target of a Men of Action card to another player (but not the player of the card). Friends in High Places - Reroll a single die of your choice, discard after use. The die need not be your own. I Gots an Idear - Play on a truck. A trailer is permanently added to the truck which expands its capacity by 2 crates.

2 - 6
Mayday Games
Don Beyer
Ray Eifler
Steve Gross