Bocce Piatta
Bocce Piatta (2014)


Did your Mother tell you not to play ball in the house? Well, now you can. With Bocce Piatta you can play a game of Bocce just about anywhere. Bocce Piatta is a table top version of the classic ball sport Bocce. The starting player tosses the Pallino disc onto a flat surface and players take turns tossing their Bocce Ball cards in an attempt to get closest to the Pallino. Points are scored just like the real game of Bocce. Bocce Piatta comes with 12 cards in 3 pairs of warm colors and 3 pairs of cool colors, so it can be played by 2 players or up to 6 players in teams. Bocce Piatta can be played on just about any flat surface. On the table, the floor, the lawn or even at the beach.

Card Game
Party Game
Action \/ Dexterity
2 - 6
Simi Game Knights
Bobby Doran