Boot Loot: A Pirate's Dice Game
Boot Loot: A Pirate's Dice Game (2015)


Pirates are always thieving and plundering! They are constantly on the search for treasure. Sometimes they gain it by deception and stealth, and other times they just get lucky! Being a Pirate has its risks, to be sure. They could get caught and land themselves in jail, or drink too much rum and miss out on their shot at more gold! Boot Loot is a strategic dice game in the world of Pirates! You will need 2 or more pirates to start your treachery. Thieve, plunder, and deceive your way into gaining your 12 gold coins! The object of the game is to be the first pirate (player) to get twelve coins. You'll do this, simply enough, by rolling dice. Initially you 'll roll three voyage dice, and then you'll have to decide whether you call it quits, roll an additional three voyage dice or try your luck with a roll of the action die. With risk, comes reward - but you just may lose it all.

Dice Rolling
15 - 45