Box Office Blowout
Box Office Blowout (2015)


From the publisher: Hello Future Movie Producer! Do you have what it takes to become the next big movie Production Company? Grab your production dice, and start rolling, releasing movies, winning awards and making millions in Box Office Blowout! GAME OVERVIEW Box Office Blowout is a satirical movie building game for 2-4 players. Each players takes on the role of a Movie Production Company seeking to rake in the most cash through releasing movies and winning awards. Produce your movie by rolling the Production Dice to contract directors, hire actors and actresses, build sets, gather film crew, and manipulate critics. The player who earns the most money after releasing 3 or 4 movies is the winner. WHAT MAKES THIS GAME AWESOME? Build huge blockbusters or crank out B-movies! Choose your strategy of how you will make money and control the tempo of the game. Manipulate critics to boost your movie or slander your rivals'! Who knew that critics where so easily persuaded? Critic cards are powerful and add a fun "take that" to your movie building experience. Win awards to Blowout the Box Office! Increase the amount of money your production company makes by winning awards. More people will come see your movie when you get your grubby little hands on an award.

Set Collection
Card Game
Dice Rolling
Movies \/ TV \/ Radio theme
2 - 4
The Game Crafter, LLC
Table Age Games
Mitch Comstedt
60 - 90