Booktastic! (2004)


Booktastic! presents itself as "The first board game for book lovers, their friends, and families!". Players walk around a small town by rolling a die. When stopping by a bookstore, players can buy (and in some places, sell) books to try improve their collection or earn money. Each round a player also gets a question to answer. There are three levels of questions to choose from: Casual reader, avid reader, and collector. The more difficult level is answered, the more money the answer is worth. At the start, each player gets a card with four "noteworthy books" from one year. Their task is to wander around the different bookstores trying to find these books. Meanwhile, money can be made by buying and selling other books. However, getting the right books does not necessarily win the game, but it does give a bonus. At the end, the player with the most money and most valuable book collection wins. Contents: - Game board - Rules - Six-sided die - 10 "Noteworthy book" cards - 40 book cards - 300 question cards (each with three questions) - 4 pawns - A stack of money

Set Collection
Dice Rolling
2 - 4
Canyon Productions
Laine Keneller