Blood Royals
Blood Royals (2017)


In Blood Royals, a roll & write game book, the political climate of the land changes several times as you play through the game sheets, meaning that the map geography on the game sheets changes over time. The product of years of clan wars, Blackwallen’s history is rich. Before recorded history, songs tell of a chieftain named Odif who led Clan Black to many victories and in time chiseled out the land of Blackwallen. He declared himself king and established laws for a royal bloodline. Descendents of Odif occupied the throne through centuries of in-fighting, war, and famine. To many, Blackwallen’s constant instability meant it was cursed. To others, it was just home. One hundred years ago a new age dawned. Adjacent kingdoms were uninterested in conquering the land, and peace at home meant security in Blackwallen for perhaps the first time. With security came cultural and scientific pursuits and the king himself declared an “Age of Peace”. King Leopold is the third king of the Age of Peace. He has levied trade agreements with neighbors into alliances. He is a young king, but already the people talk of his wisdom. When he dies, a very real void will be left. His queen will no longer have a doting husband. His children will be without a loving father. The Orbly Street Tavern will no doubt miss its masked late night musician known only as “The Night Singer”. The Kingdom of Blackwallen will no longer have their beloved monarch. Blood Royals is a game about two relatives trying to claim the throne from a dying king. Secretly choose your action, reveal and then use your skills (and a bit of luck) to conquer lands and gain the favor of influential people with powerful abilities. This is a roll and write game. All you need to play is the perforated game sheets in this book, some pencils, and some dice. —description from the publisher

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Jason Tagmire