Bounty Hunters:  The Chaos Hunt
Bounty Hunters: The Chaos Hunt (2018)


Welcome to the "Chaos Hunt," a game in which you will take on the role of an infamous Bounty Hunter destined for greatness. Your previous exploits have garnered the attention of one of the most prestigious Bounty Hunting Guilds, The Severed Skull. But first, you must prove yourself worthy of initiation, and for that you must compete against others who have also been chosen. The game takes place over a series of rounds. On your turn, you will be tracking down a variety of the universe's most notorious fugitives. You start with a hand size of 4 cards, each representing the fugitives you are currently tracking. On each turn, all players will secretly select one fugitive to catch. Once all players have chosen a fugitive, the fugitives are revealed and placed in each player's Temporary Holding Cell aboard their ships. Then, in turn order, starting with the 1st player, each player has the opportunity to activate the Special Action that is awarded for the fugitive’s capture. After all actions have been taken, the fugitives are then moved from the players’ Temporary Holding Cells to their ships’ Brigs. If at this time any player has 5 different fugitives wanted for 5 different crimes and are wanted by 5 different Bounty Issuing Organizations, then the game promptly ends. If not, all players track new fugitives by drawing back up to 4 cards in hand. At this time the 1st player marker is passed clockwise, and another round begins. This cycle continues until someone captures a winning set of fugitives or until there are no more fugitives left to track (i.e., the draw deck runs out). At which time, scores are tallied and a winner is crowned.

Hand Management
Set Collection
Card Game
Simultaneous Action Selection
Science Fiction
Take That
Print & Play
2 - 4
Clapboard Games
Ryan Pence
5 - 15