Bluffing Billionaires
Bluffing Billionaires (2018)


Become the richest billionaire alive! Bluff your way to keep your assets and outwit your opponent to bankrupt them while you're ahead. Each turn in Bluffing Billionaires, the active player must play an asset card from their hand face-down to the table, claiming to be the richest billionaire with the highest card on the table. If the active player has a previously played face-down card, discard that card face-down to their own discard pile. If there are no other face-down cards on the table, the turn then passes clockwise and the next player on the left becomes the active player. If there are any other face-down asset card(s) on the table, the owner(s) of those cards may approve or challenge the active player by performing agreed gestures simultaneously, such as thumbs up or thumbs down. Approve (Thumb Up) : You believe the active player played a higher card than yours, and therefore did not wish to challenge them. If all other players approves unanimously, the turn passess clockwise and the next player become the active player. Challenge (Thumb Down) : You DON’T believe the active player played a higher card than yours, and therefore wish to call their bluff. More than one player might challenge the active player simultaneously. Challenge When a challenge occurs, all challengers flip over their last played Asset cards to compare the value individually with the active player who then will also flip over their card. Two outcomes are possible: If the active player’s card is not higher than a challenger’s card, hence falsely claiming to be richer, the active player lose against that challenger. If the active player’s card is higher than the challenger’s card, hence proofing his claim, the active player wins against that challenger. The winner of a challenge then take a random card from the loser’s hand, placing it face-up on a separate Bonus pile as a compensation that will be scored at the end of the game as bonus Points. Additionally, if there is only one challenger, the winner of the challenge also take the loser’s revealed card, placing it face-up on the Bonus pile. The active player might have mixed results in a challenge, winning against one challenger, but losing to another, which is completely normal. Resolve each result in clockwise player order starting from the active player. After a Challenge had completely resolved, discard all cards revealed this turn to their owner's Discard pile and the play then passes to the next player on the left of the Target player. End Game & Scoring When an active player plays the last card from their hand, the game immediately ends and scoring begins. All Asset cards still held in hands scores as many Points as their listed face-value. Plus, count all the Coin symbols from other player’s cards that you keep in your Bonus pile as bonus Points. The player with the biggest Points is the winner and become the new Bluffing Billionaire. In case of a tie, the player with more sum of Coin symbols wins. In case of further tie, all tied players share the victory or play again to determine the real winner!

Hand Management
Card Game
Party Game
3 - 6
Nata Chen
10 - 25