BodoCa (2018)


User summary BodoCa is short for 'Board Game's Card Game'. It is a Japanese card game with only Japanese text on the cards, so is very language dependent as is. BodoCa is a party trivia card game about board games. The cards contain board game attributes such as theme, component, or designer. There are two play styles: expert and family. For the family game, the game flow is similar to 20 questions. Each player, except the leader, has a hand of ten cards. The leader thinks of a game, then the players use their cards to narrow down the title. The person who guesses correctly wins the round. For the expert game style, players are dealt a hand of cards, then each play one card. Players then try to come up with games that fit the criteria described by the cards in play.

Card Game
Party Game
2 - 6
Colorful Spiele (カラフルシュピーレ)
Aya Matsunaga (松永 彩)
15 - 20