Bobot (2018)


A group of desperate adventurers should show their determination, their ability to think strategically and their team spirit in this game, because the stakes are high: either they win or they lose everything. Players have to complete the scenario objectives: to repair the power station that is a key location to protect the entire human civilization. People are aided by the Bobot—electric transformer boxes, where the energy of the Universe lives. They are confronted by the space aliens of the unknown race, Trashmen, who are trying to stop human technological advancements and Energy growth in the Universe. Their dangerous plan will take effect during the super strong solar storm, so the team will have to work within a very limited time frame, before the storm starts. If they manage to repair the Power Station, the Bobot will have enough time to turn on our planet’s protective field that will save the Earth’s energy system and electronics. Mechanics In this cooperative game, players should joint efforts to repair the power station. Players can choose among 8 different scenarios that affect the game duration and the set of resources needed to fix the error. Players can also select the difficulty of the scenario, which will influence the starting setup and the number of hours, needed to complete the game. Heroes will have to move around the game board entering different locations, to address situations with the aid of tests and to use their skills in turn. Different dice in the game represents skills. For example, when you test the character Vlad’s Force skill, you use an eight-sided die, and if you are playing for the Bobot, you throw a twelve-sided die. At the end of each player’s turn, Trashmen are making a move. They either try to attack Power Station or come closer to it. More over, any effects, influencing all players, can be triggered during this phase.

Point to Point Movement
Dice Rolling
Variable Player Powers
Movies \/ TV \/ Radio theme
Science Fiction
Role Playing
Cooperative Game
2 - 4
Hevko Ostap
Polikarpov Oleksandr
30 - 60