Booz Mooz: The Woolf Pack
Booz Mooz: The Woolf Pack (2018)


SUMMARY Booz Mooz is a party game with cards, where players let each other take sips or drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) in a sly and playful way. This is a standalone expansion to Booz Mooz The Original (2016). This means you can play it on its own but it can also be played in combination with Booz Mooz The Original. INTRODUCTION - theme This time around, thirsty woolves have entered the deep, dark forest. A single woolf might be beatable but together they form a howling pack. Before you know it, you are dragged into a world of choices, chance, speed, agility and above all: lots of fun! GOAL The goal of the game is simple: The player who has the least blood alcohol content (bac) points when the game ends, wins. The game ends when all cards are face up. GAMEPLAY STEP 1: Gather some friends and take a seat. Clear the table. STEP 2: Make sure everyone has a glass and fill this glass with a drink of choice. STEP 3: Spread all cards on the table face down. The youngest player starts the game by turning a card of choice face up. Turns go clockwise until all cards are face up. Watch out here comes the pack! —description from the publisher

Card Game
Dice Rolling
Variable Player Powers
Take That
Expansion for Base-game
Mature \/ Adult
3 - 10
Bannan Games
Batist Vermeulen
Nathan Vermeulen
45 - 60