Borderhaime: Chronicles
Borderhaime: Chronicles (2018)


Borderhaime: Chronicles is a tactical board game of co-operative card-driven tactical turn-based combat with 40 hours of story campaign gameplay. In this hardcore adventure, you are tasked with completing ten levels of a hellish dungeon. Under your control is a character with nine types of stats that have a huge impact on your gameplay and walkthrough style. It doesn't matter which character class you choose as you will always have an option to re-spec your hero. For example, you can start off playing as a mage, but spec it into a tank, or vice versa. By defeating enemies, you receive experience and loot that allows you to level up and create your unique hero. You can also increase your stats by equipping armor, accessories, and weapons. In order for the hero to be able to use an item, their stats need to pass the use requirement threshold. New items are available for purchase in town or can be looted from monsters. The main goal of the story mode is to reach to final level of the dungeon. Each level hold a quest mission, new items, and tougher enemies. All enemies in the game are automated, with their behavior, tactics, and stats described on monster cards. Enemy actions are to be done by the player that has drawn the monster card.

Set Collection
Dice Rolling
Cooperative Game
1 - 6
Dmitry Shlykov
30 - 240