Bottles:  A Boardgame about Wine
Bottles: A Boardgame about Wine (2019)


"The players take up the role of high society members who need to have a top supply of rare and fine wines in their wine cellar to show off during their dinner parties. Hence, they are forced to travel the world up and down in order to buy the best bottles directly from local producers." There are 6 markers in the game, each one representing a character; players choose who they want to be at the start of the game. The Game table show the world that is divided in cells linked with each other. The greater part of the cells represents the world, the cells with the bottle icons indicate the typical wine production places. Other cells represent the market, the blue ones, the sea. The players, only at start, will stand about two meters away from the board and will, when prompted by an agreed cue, throw their marker on the board trying to get as near as possible to a convenient cell. If the marker does not fall within the cells area, it will be positioned in the closest permitted cell to start playing. In case of launch failure, players can have as many attempts as it takes at throwing their marker on the game board. The youngest player (alternatively, if you are having fun playing BOTTLES in a bar, the guy buying the first round) starts to move. The player throws the die and checks the result on the movement chart, according to this the given marker will move from the start cell to a different one. During his turn the players move and can buy bottle-cards. Moreover they can auction, sell, exchange or donate their bottle-cards or beg other players for theirs at any time during his turn. There are approximately 80 different cards representing the wine bottles that the players can buy. Each card shows a variety of information about the type, the name, the country of origin and the value of the wine. This value is given by the amount of wine glass icons on the card. For instance, a card with 3 wine glass icons will cost 3 Monetary Units. When players run out of money they get out of the game... Unless they convince other players to lend them money. The first player that collects at least ten bottles from ten different countries wins the game.

Set Collection
Dice Rolling
Action \/ Dexterity
2 - 6
Dissimula Edizioni
Sergio Schiavi
45 - 60