Board×Break (2018)


3 Soldier piece VS 3 Soldier piece survival SLG Board✖︎Break! A large volume of 76 cards, 10 bodies, 1 dice, 1 board, 1 field sheet, 20 wall blocks!Team play of 2 people in one set and 4 people in 2 sets is possible. Clear rules Defeat all opponent 's soldiers, reach the opponent' s trout, or destroy it will be victory. Rich card Avoid attacks, extend distance of attacks, build walls, climb up to attack and use for avoidance. By choosing 12 cards from various cards, you can build your own deck, put a great card, you can summon soldiers with special ability to the field. Please aim at victory by using various great people such as Billy the kid and Hannibal Barca. A little luck You can draw one card from every turn deck, but you can also draw a card from the square in the item box that is located in the field. This will allow you to expect speedy game development. Although it is said that the range of attack is dice luck and it is not a translation that the desired card can absolutely subtract, but let's overcome with love, courage and wisdom. But if you mention the range of attack alone, establishment will go up if you approach the other party. —description from the publisher

Campaign \/ Battle Card Driven
Dice Rolling
Role Playing
Abstract Strategy
2 - 4
10 - 60